Connecting geographies – from idea to project

The exhibition presents the MICAS concept as a “work-in-progress” and aims to project the conceptual and contextual architectural design and transformation of the site from past to present. Images, archival photographs, videos, maps and developing design sketches will be sourced from the Restoration Directorate and integrated with the latest design development produced by Ipostudio (Italy).

Curated by MICAS Art Director Ruth Bianco, the exhibition will take the form of an artistic architectural installation, which will include a sculptural ribbon by lead architect Claude Borg constructed with students, projections, models, interactive media and digital walkthrough. The entire exhibition is a holistic concept that will integrate experimental development with the designs by architects who have been working on the MICAS design, together with workshop-based installations entitled Prima Pietra (Vault 1), Aperturi (Vault 2) and Pellicola (Vault 2 – 5), involving the participation of students.