Creative Movement

Why do we dance? We dance because we are human. We dance because we want to express ourselves and connect with others. The rhythms of nature drive us to move and when we respond to this instinctive force, we are allowing ourselves to experience the world in a much deeper way.

The main question we will ask through these sessions is not why but how do we dance? What are our inspirations, influences, impediments? What messages are being exchanged between our brain and body as we move? We are constantly building patterns of movement that we eventually become. How can we observe these patterns, expand them and hone them to help us learn to move in more life-enabling ways?

Our first workshop will pave the way towards our journey of questions, focusing particularly on our relationship with rhythm. These sessions are intended for adults who simply wish to experience movement – a background in dance is welcome but not at all necessary.

About the host:

Florinda has always been and will always be a dancer. With a background in ballet, she later moved into contemporary dance professionally. Through the years, she has had exposure to many different movement styles and forms of training, and is in the process of finding her own voice as a mover, creator and educator.

The main focus of her current research is the notion of choice: when we become aware of the choices available to us, we can make conscious, informed or intuitive, decisions, which can lead to greater potentiality in movement, and also in life.

Florinda is a founder and co-director of the creative studio, The Amber Spark, which is a platform for creativity, collaboration and exploration.