Creatives Networking Evening #23

SURPRISE! our popular Creatives Networking Evening is back! #23

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#visualarts #performingarts #creativewriters

(Social & Networking event for expressive artists)
An event organized by the local organization ”OutdoorArtists” ( at #Valletta between 7:30pm – 10:30pm

“Without Networking, there is no Art.”

LOCATION Maori Lancia Street, Valletta (Below the lands department,, in front of the sea.)
THE EVENT (Entrance FREE of charge):

Networking event for A.L.L type of artists! and people interested to promote their artistic activities through individual Networking.

1. Join us, and introduce yourself,
2. We will introduce you to other artists,
3. Network, create contacts,
4. Share your talent with us, feel free to bring your portfolio or even your musical instruments!

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The bar has some seating spaces inside, and as well outside.
In case one takes pictures of the event please #ODASCM18

We will update you with more info soon.

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