Embedded – Exhibition by Violet Kulewska

A collection of abstract, biomorphic paintings by Violet Kulewska, inspired by the marine fossil remains found inside Maltese limestone.

From its greensand beaches, its coralline cliffs, to the limestone used in the construction of its buildings — all the rock found in the Maltese archipelago contains petrified lifeforms.

Like an ancient fabric of memories, the prehistoric life recorded in Maltese rock dates back some 35 million years.

Painting in oils with use of gold leaf, and using a technique of printing plaster sculpture directly onto the canvas, Kulewska recreates the elemental process of fossilisation, and explores themes of embodiment, resemblance and disappearance.

The vestiges of these prehistoric lifeforms inspire a series of meditations in oil — on fragility, the infinite and the sublime.

Free entrance

This exhibition is open till 13.00hrs on Saturdays and closed on Sunday.

To learn more about this exhibition, visit the Malta Society of Arts website.