Mahalla Festival 2018

The next Mahalla festival will take place November 16 until 25, 2018 in Valletta mostly at the new national museum MUZA.
Mahalla Festival in Istanbul 2017 was the first festival of an emerging network of global players working in the field of arts and culture focusing on the current migration flow. The festival took place in the frame of parallel events of the 15th Istanbul Biennial between September 13 and October 20. Part of the festival is the community video workshop for third country nationals and local communities taking place at the Volunteer Center in Valletta, Sudanese Migrant Association and Gzira Local Council.
DIYALOG and the Sustainable Design Collective are organizing a video workshop series for third country nationals and native communities in Malta in cooperation with the Sudanese Migrant Association, Spark15, Rima and the Foundation for Support and Shelter to Migrants.