Andrea Calascione

Having studied contemporary fine art in Barcelona for 3 years, Andrea is currently based in Malta and is continuing her practice.

Her work consists of exploring specific concepts using various mediums, including painting, poetry and writing, drawing and installation. Andrea is deeply inspired by the natural world and the complexity of the human mind and body. At present, she is exploring notions regarding the human condition and the invisible thread that connects us to the natural world. Human interactions with our environments, the process of decay and the concept of time form part of the ideas she is exploring in her recent artwork. Andrea’s personal interaction with raw materials – wood, pigment, paper, earth – help her further discover these concepts, bringing her closer to her investigation whilst forming an important part of her artistic process.

Aside from her own practice, Andrea runs children’s art classes throughout the year, which immerse the tiny artists in nature, planting seeds, tending to a garden and exploring creativity through arts and crafts.

  • Brand: Andrea Calascione
  • Industry: Contemporary Fine Arts
  • Role: Contemporary Artist
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