Craig Macdonald & Andrew Farrugia

Te fit-Tazza was founded in 2015 by Andrew Farrugia and Craig Macdonald, two bosom buddies with a penchant for design and all things beautiful.

The Maltese islands boast a wealth of identity, evident to the eye in how we act and we interact and, to an extent, how we present ourselves both socially and visually. It would be fair to state that this abundance of distinction may be rooted in a strong sense of tradition, pride and patriotism.

The studio began as a project aimed at showcasing Malta, her culture, her aesthetic and her beautiful landscape through minimalist illustrated prints. In 2018, Te fit-Tazza acquired the souvenir brand, Souvenirs That Don’t Suck, with a store situated in Sliema. The aim is to further widen the spectrum of creative avenues that the studio can explore, whilst still celebrating the Maltese Islands and their beauty.

  • Brand: Te fit-Tazza
  • Industry: Illustration & Design
  • Role: Co-Founders
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