Gioia Clavenzani & Ivano Ghinelli

Hailing from different work experiences – one as a psychologist and psychotherapist, the other as a stone setter and goldsmith – Gioia and Ivano first met in Città della Pieve, Italy. In the quiet countryside between Umbria and Tuscany, with a common love for jewelry, design and contemporary art, they opened their first Italian studio in 2011: La Fonderia dell’Oro – a big, bright workshop with fittings made from old pallets, barrel hoops and paper.

In 2015, Gioia and Ivano moved to Malta. Today, these two countries’ art and nature are infinite sources of inspiration. Art and design are their “fuel”, whilst the sense of nature is also part of their jewels through their rough and dull surfaces and irregular edges.

Gioia and Ivano believe art and beauty have to be easy and present in people’s lives; approachable and available for the ones who search for them. Working with their hands – with art, beauty and nature always on their minds – they seek to make their lives better and to try and give back through crafting beautiful jewelry, not common but easy to use, enjoy and wear.

  • Brand: JAD - Jewelery Art Design
  • Industry: Jewellery
  • Role: Co-Founders
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