Gulja Holland

Ġulja Holland is a local contemporary artist notable for her psychologically-charged paintings. Her work drives through experimental styles that push through conventional aesthetic boundaries and which are themed around self-identification and socio-political issues.

In her recent portraiture series, photography and paint are combined to create what the artist refers to as ‘photo-paintings’. In fusing together a realist and abstract style, the artist seeks to represent the identity as a tangible extension of one’s outward appearance. Here, the influences of Neo-Expressionism and Pop Art are most evident in her work; in her use of colour, gestural style as well as in the repetition of photographic imagery; radically altered in each work in order to convey an ever-shifting stream of consciousness within her subjects.

Following her graduation from Leeds College of Art with Honors, she has recently exhibited at several international shows, including the Paragon Europe Art Exhibition at the Press Club Brussels Europe, the London Free Range show and the International Art festival Chrom-art Exhibition, London. Holland currently lives in Malta where she continues to participate in both local and international exhibitions.

  • Brand: Gulja Holland
  • Industry: Figurative Painting
  • Role: Artist
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