Indrė Sablovskienė

Indrė has been a curious human being since childhood, which is probably why during her life so far, she has relished widely different interests and careers – from playing violin for over 12 years to a more serious Politics degree and promising career in key EU institutional corridors. However, just when her political career was about to boom, she decided to choose a more difficult path – to quit and return to her essence, the art world.

Having completed a Cultural Management Master degree and worked in the National Drama Theatre, Indrė was involved in organizing differing cultural events, and also began dabbling in the boutique fashion industry. Since becoming a mother and moving to Malta, she decided it was time to bring her love for the arts and culture to our sunny shores.

Indrė has launched curated online boutique shop Picky Mouse, where she shares her favourite pickings in good design, quality fabrics, and authentic, sweet gourmet brands. She has set herself the mission to demonstrate that minimalism does not necessarily need to be boring – in fact, for Indrė, minimalism is a subtle but very brave and outspoken way of expressing yourself in this over-consumed world.

  • Brand: Picky Mouse
  • Industry: Retail and Fashion
  • Role: Founder
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