Julia Barker

Julia is Malta’s first and only KonMari consultant in training.

A recent arrival from London, where she worked in the education sector, Julia was inspired to make decluttering and organisation her career after successfully completing the KonMari process in her own family home. A long-running love of good interior design and a deep interest in the sustainability of our home and creative spaces complemented this move perfectly.

When starting out in her career as a tidying consultant, Julia was inspired by the positive aesthetic changes that were sparked in her and her clients’ personal spaces. As her practice has developed, she’s found the most wonderful part of her work to be seeing the confidence of her clients increase after even one tidying lesson.

Julia’s tidying lessons involve working first with clients on their vision for the ideal life, home and creative space. After using a welcoming ritual to open the space to being tidied, Julia then coaches her clients to hone their sense of personal style and joy as they work through each item in their space. Identifying creative ways to store and style possessions with her clients means that they quickly find increased mental and physical space to pursue their own creative interests more fully.