Maria Shebets

Maria Shebets was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Saint Petersburg, Russia. After high school, she continued her studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in the field of antiques, after which she began dedicating time working in this very field of expertise.

Although she had always loved cooking, Maria began to realise that it was a deep-rooted passion during her numerous journeys across the world. She enjoyed tasting new ingredients, local dishes and learning how differing cultures influenced various cuisines.

It has been over seven years since Maria and her husband left their country and settled in Malta after traveling for a year in Europe. Maria had two children here whilst she continued her gastronomical journey exploring local culinary products and the Maltese food scene. This inspired her to launch a blog that is dedicated to food and life in Malta, in which she shares her recipes and local restaurant reviews with food-lovers both in Malta and beyond.

Over time, she has become even more interested in ways she could use what home-grown ingredients Malta has to offer for creating dishes she truly loves. Such dishes are not as heavy as the traditional ones but “contemporary Maltese” as Maria loves to call them. Her latest venture – My Maltese Kitchen – is a website and a book-in-the-making which aims to pay tribute to the local produce, explore the local food traditions and create new recipes.