Robbie Mazzaro

Robbie was born in Venezuela – where she spent her childhood – and moved to Italy at the age of 18. Everywhere she went, she would take her with her her love for nature and for local artisanal crafts, seeking to develop these influences in her work later in life.

As a child, Robbie’s mother would call her Ro, hence how the name Ro Art came to be. Robbie’s┬ápassion for art started at a young age, and over the years, she has found it essential to keep her artistic passion alive. Following years working in the corporate sphere, a Ceramics Masterclass in Rome re-ignited her creative spirit, and it was then that everything clicked into place. She decided to leave her career and immerse herself solely in the world of ceramics, falling in love once again with the versatility of the clay and the entire creative process.

Robbie’s inspirations are drawn from nature itself. She is fascinated by the complex and beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark, seed pods, corals and shells. She loves the contrast between the rough texture, clay colour and the glossy shades of blue that speak of sea water on white sand and rocks.

Each of her pieces are hand-built with the technique of coiling or slabs in a range of different kinds of clay. Each coil is melded into the coil below, pinched, squeezed, moulded and scraped into shape. Robbie has exhibited her ceramics at trade events and contemporary ceramic and craft fairs throughout Europe, and since moving to Malta in 2014, the natural beauty of this Mediterranean island has been an additional source of inspiration for her work.

  • Brand: Ro Art Ceramics
  • Industry: Artistic Ceramics
  • Role: Founder
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