Sam Selby

Sam grew up in the UK with an extensive design based education. At 16, she was awarded the National Arkwright Scholarship in Design, which lead her to receive her BA (Hons) in Design Management. After years of working in the telecommunications and financial industries, she walked away from the corporate world in pursuit of her own fulfilment.

7 years ago, Sam moved to Malta. Combining design, branding and her marketing skills from differing industries, years of making her own jewellery, and as a natural intuitive Psychic, Sam created her own brand – Sam Selby.

“My life has always been guided by symbols and empathic emotion, and I find my creative output is reflective of this. With explained meaningful symbolism, I guide others to achieve their dreams through my art, my jewellery creations, and my readings.” 

  • Brand: Sam Selby
  • Industry: Jewellery and Design, Spirituality
  • Role: Founder
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